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Kalel's Brazilian Adventure to Meet His Grandpa

“ We remind him that Superman always wins, and so will he. ”

- Kalel's mom

Kalel, 11, was diagnosed with leukemia in the spring of 2016. At the beginning of his treatments, Kalel spent a full month in the hospital, and all odds were against him.

Kalel is a fighter, and after three months he finally achieved remission. Throughout his treatments, Kalel and his family spent a lot of time in the hospital and currently still undergo hospital visits least once per month. 

When Kalel learned he qualified to make a wish, he had a lot of options to weigh. Originally, he considered a trip to Hawaii, Atlantis, or even a cruise. He also considered a wish to have a hot tub or to be the best video gamer in the world. After a lot of consideration, Kalel developed his perfect wish. He asked to travel to Brazil where he could meet his grandfather for the first time. Kalel had never met his grandpa before because he lived so far away, so his wish was the perfect opportunity for him and his family to reunite. 

Kalel had to wait almost two years to be strong and healthy enough to travel for his wish. His adventure to Brazil was more than worth the wait! While in Brazil, he got to meet relatives he never knew he had. He reunited with his grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins and most importantly, he finally got to hug his grandpa in person! In addition to seeing his family, Kalel’s Brazilian adventures ranged from swimming in the ocean to sliding down the sand dunes outside of their beach house. He even got to meet the largest rodent in the world, a capybara! Looking back on his wish, Kalel’s favorite memory was playing on the beach with his grandpa and family.
Kalel’s wish was a healing experience for his entire family. “On this trip, we forgot cancer was part of our lives,” said Kalel’s mom. 

“Kalel has always been a fighter,” Kalel’s mom said, explaining that he is named after Superman. “We remind him that Superman always wins, and so will he.” 

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