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Ethan's Wish to Meet Steph Curry

“ I think Ethan feels that he is not alone in this struggle anymore... ”

- Ethan's Mom

13-year-old Ethan has never let his respiratory condition stop him from doing the things he loves—and one of the things he loves most is basketball. His knowledge of basketball players and their stats goes back decades; so, it only made sense that when Ethan was granted a wish, he chose to meet Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors—his favorite player on his favorite team.

Ethan found out his wish had been granted in the middle of a ten-day hospital stay and the timing couldn’t have been better. Prior to his wish, Ethan hadn’t told many of his friends or schoolmates about his condition and his stay in the hospital was taking a toll on his spirit. The news that he would soon get to meet his team immediately energized him to fight through the rest of his stay.

The day Ethan spent with the Golden State Warriors was unforgettable! He was able to connect to other wish kids with similar struggles before meeting the team and watching the game.

Ethan had looked up to Steph Curry for many reasons before they met—his humility as a player, his dedication to his family and his talent and passion for basketball — but it was Curry’s perseverance that he connected to most. After meeting his role model in person, Ethan was given a new-found dose of hope and strength.

Ethan’s family shared that before his wish he had struggled, thinking people would treat him differently if they knew he had a life threatening medical condition. Ethan’s wish experience helped him to feel less alone and he was excited by the resounding support he received from his friends when he got home. 

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