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Peter's Wish for a Pop-up Camping Trailer

Peter Hero Image

“ Camping brings his family togther... ”

With claims to skills like fishing, camping, swimming, and ATV riding, one thing’s for sure: wish kid Peter is a mountain man who does things in style. Camping has been a very important part of Peter’s life - it's what brings his family together.

After Peter was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he had to put some of his camping expeditions on hold. But after making his wish, Peter’s life will be camping galore.

When Peter found out that his wish to have a pop-up camping trailer was going to come true, he was already on a camping trip with his family. They all drove up to Salt Lake City on the last day of their trip. Peter got to check out his brand-new trailer, primped with balloons and posters in all of its pop-up glory.

Peter took a tour of his new camping prize to learn all of the ropes and how to take care of it.

He hasn’t got to use the trailer to its full capacity yet, because of that pesky thing called winter. For the past few months, Peter has used it as his man-cave in the driveway.

Now that spring is just around the corner, our camping captain is excited to begin all of his favorite activities (especially driving!). He and his family are planning a spring break trip in Canyonlands where they’re excited to use Peter’s new camping toy. The next few months are going to be filled with fish breakfast, afternoons roaring through the desert on ATVs, and evenings filled with s’mores, ghost stories, and sleeping comfortably under the stars.

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