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Hayden's Wish for a Backyard Transformation

“ This wish carries on every time he leaves the house. It’s a wish that will last forever. ”

- Hayden's Mom

Hayden was only 16 months old when he was diagnosed with leukemia. He faced three and a half years of treatments and countless visits to the hospital. His rigorous medical treatments caused Hayden to miss out on things other kids his age enjoyed like playing outdoors.

Instead, Hayden enjoyed playing with toy cars, especially Hot Wheels®.  When Hayden was 3-years-old, he learned he qualified to make a wish. Hayden had great fascination toward Hot Wheels® and Power Wheels®, so his parents worked with him to design his perfect wish.

On the day Hayden’s wish was granted, family and friends greeted Hayden at his home to reveal his wish. Hayden dressed in a racing jumpsuit, hat, gloves, and knee pads. To his own surprise, Hayden’s backyard was completely transformed into a racecar track! Hayden was filled with excitement when he saw he was given TWO new Power Wheels®, customized with the Make-A-Wish logo. Hayden drove his new red Power Wheels® around his racetrack with the biggest smile! 

In November 2017, Hayden was told he did not have cancer anymore. He is now able to attend pre-school and play outside with his friends. Hayden LOVES riding his Power Wheels® around his backyard. This wish opened new doors for Hayden because he able to invite neighborhood friends over to play on his racetrack. Hayden’s wish is very unique because he is able to enjoy it every single day. His mother explained how this wish holds a lot of meaning to Hayden and his family. 

“This wish carries on every time he leaves the house,” said Hayden’s mom. “It’s a wish that will last forever.”

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