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Christi's wish for a Pop-Up Trailer

“ Since this trips have become possible, she has shown improvements that we otherwise hadn't seen. ”

- Christi's Dad

Christi’s health complications started when she was still in utero. At her mother’s 20-week ultrasound her medical team discovered that Christi had a stroke. It was predicted that Christi would not live longer than a day after her birth.

Instead, Christi turned out to be a fighter! Today, she is 11 years old, and although she has been diagnosed with a nervous system disorder, she has still made significant progress in her development. By age five, Christi learned to walk, ride her bike, and read sight words. Christi enjoyed being the center of attention and loved singing, camping, playing make-believe and dress up. Christi would sing "Elmo's World" on a loop. Her family said the only way to get her to stop singing that song, was to remind her of our own self-created parody, "Daddy's World," where the lyrics stated "daddy takes me camping and puts my feet in the stream," which reminded her of a favorite past camping trip.

When Christi was 7 years old her health underwent a significant setback. Christi had not been feeling well and was unable to keep anything down for a couple of days. One morning after breakfast, Christi’s dad checked in on Christi while she was resting and found her to be blue and non-responsive. Christi was in cardiac arrest and was life-flighted to Phoenix where she spent two weeks in a coma and then two months in the hospital, recovering. When Christi woke up she had lost the ability to see, speak, eat on her own, and lost most of her motor skills. 

Before this setback, camping was one of Christi’s favorite activities. After her coma, it was more difficult for her to camp. When Christi’s family found out she qualified for a wish, they knew exactly what she would ask for: a pop-up trailer to make her favorite pastime a possibility again. 

Christi’s first camping trip in her trailer was to Echo Reservoir. Christi loved being able to camp overnights with her family as they made s’mores around the campfire. Since her wish, Christi has been able to camp all over Utah from Goblin Valley to Kanab! Her wish allowed her family to enjoy what they love to do and create new memories. 

“These trips have brought increased happiness to Christi,” said her dad. “Since these trips have become possible, she has shown improvements that we hadn't otherwise seen.”

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