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Cameron's Wish to have his car refurbished

  • Wish Kid Cameron and everyone who made his wish come true

  • Wish Kid Cameron and his newly refurbished El Camino

  • Wish Kid Cameron's newly refurbished El Camino

“ I’ve played this moment in my head a few times, and this just beats it all... ”

- Cameron

Meet Cameron: a funny, Skittles-loving, 16-year-old who likes to kick back with his friends and family and laugh, a lot. Although he has been battling cancer, laughter has helped him get through the hard times.

When it came time for Cameron to make his wish, not many people would have guessed that he would want to refurbish a 1986 Chevy El Camino. It was more than a car — the Chevy had been a special project between Cameron and his dad. They had spent lots of time together rebuilding the engine. Now with it up and running, Cameron dreamed of being able to give the exterior of his ride a brand new look. 

With the help of volunteers and Griffin’s Golden Glow, the body of his car was ready for a little “TLC”. After months of scraping and shining, painting and polishing, and some extra special touches, the car was finally ready for its big debut. Everyone who had worked on the project wanted to surprise Cameron with his “new” car. On the day of the wish reveal, his family told him that they were going to the Manheim Auto Auction just for fun, but when they arrived Cameron was blown away … there sitting in the middle of the shop was his long-awaited automobile. 

While the Chevy still had its old-time feel, the refurbish brought it a new, hip vibe. It was all set to be one sweet ride! Cameron’s refurbished car was painted the perfect shade of green, the banner color for his type of cancer, T. Cell Lymphoma. It had all kinds of Cameron-esque detailing, from a zombie knob on the shifter, right down to a custom shield hood ornament in honor of his favorite video game, Zelda. A volunteer even made special green bracelets for Cameron to hang from his mirror. 

After checking it out, and making sure he still belonged in the driver’s seat, Cameron was revved up and could hardly contain his joy. “I can’t thank anyone enough,” he said. “I’ve played this moment in my head a few times, and this just beats it all.”

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