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Benjamin's Wish for a Puppy

“ Cookie puts his paws on Benjamin’s shoulders and just licks his face! ”

- Benjamin's Mom

When Benjamin was about 4 months old, his mother and doctors saw that he was not reaching milestones at the same rate as other infants his age. Within the next year, major milestones were still delayed and at the age of one, Benjamin underwent his first MRI. After three years of testing, Benjamin met with a genetics team who discovered Benjamin had duplication on his X chromosome.

This duplication continues to impact Benjamin’s development and his fine motor skills. Benjamin’s fine motor skills are still years behind him even at the age of 12. His particular duplication increases the amount of protein in the brain which causes long-term challenges. 

Benjamin has always liked dogs, and when he met with his wish granters to determine his one true wish, he signed “dog.” 

In spring of 2018, Benjamin got his wish! He named his new brown and white Labradoodle, Cookie. “It is so fun to see him interact with Benjamin,” said Benjamin’s mom. “Cookie puts his paws on Benjamin’s shoulders and just licks his face!” Benjamin now has a new side kick that will always be right by his side. 

“Benjamin’s wish has brought laughter to him. It’s something we will have for many years,” his mom continued. “Cookie will be a service for him.” 

Benjamin’s family is planning on training Cookie to become a service dog for Benjamin in the near future!

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