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Aliya's Wish For a Puppy

“ Copper loves to give Aliya kisses and loves to sleep by her and he goes everywhere we go! ”

- Aliya's Mom

Aliya is an easy-going six-year-old who loves music, especially Disney® music. Aliya loves to be around her family and particularly enjoys camping and swimming. Even though Aliya is nonverbal, she has her own way of communicating with those around her and knows how to capture their attention when she wants to.

Doctors first noticed Aliya’s developmental differences will she was still in utero. As a result, weekly ultrasounds became routine for Aliya’s mom. Aliya’s heart rate drop dramatically at 26 weeks and Aliya’s mom was rushed to delivery. 

Born six weeks premature and weighing only 2lbs. 13 oz., Aliya underwent numerous tests during her first two months in the hospital. Eventually, Aliya’s microarray test came back positive and Aliya was diagnosed with a genetic disorder. 

Aliya’s condition has left her with many medical issues such as: seizures, vision loss, hearing loss, heart problems, lung issues, kidney disease, and developmental delays that cause her to be nonverbal and nonmobile. “We as a family don’t let her condition define us,” said Aliya’s mom. “We do as much as we can and make as many memories as we can! We want her to enjoy her life while she is here with us.” 

Aliya wished to have a miniature schnauzer. Aliya always thrives in the summer and there was no better time for her wish to be granted than during her favorite season! She named her new puppy Copper. 

“Copper loves to give Aliya kisses and loves to sleep by her and he goes everywhere we go,” said Aliya’s mom.

Copper is in-training to become a service dog for Aliya and hopefully in the future will be able to help her family know when she is having a seizure or another health emergency.

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