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Sam’s wish brings peace and relaxation

“ It was a way for us to relax as a family and to take a break from daily, normal stresses of life. ”

- Sam's Mom

When Sam was 10 months old, he became very ill. He had a constant runny nose, cold, and cough. After months of back and forth doctor visits, Sam was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. He was immediately admitted to the hospital and stayed for four months before he was strong enough to go home.

When Sam was around six years old, he was given a new medication that helped his body to stay healthy and allowed him to stay active. Today, this medication continues to help Sam, and he visits his doctor every three months for treatment and check-ups. Sam is encouraged by doctors to stay active, so he and his family enjoy playing basketball or throwing a football. 

When Same learned he had the opportunity to make a wish, he began brainstorming ideas. Sam knew he wanted to go on a vacation where he and his whole family could escape daily stresses and relax. He wished to go to Hawaii because he knew he and his family would be able to enjoy the scenery, but also do so many exciting things together. Sam’s wish was his family’s first big trip together, and he loved making unforgettable memories with them.  

During Sam’s time in Hawaii there were many exciting firsts. On the plane to Hawaii, the flight attendant gave Sam and his brother special permission to meet the captain and see all the functions and controls on the plane. When they got to Hawaii, Sam and his family were able to go on many adventures. His favorite activity was being able to swim with sea turtles! He even got to go deep sea fishing. Sam loved that his hotel was on the beach because he was able to snorkel every morning and evening with his family, where he saw lots of fish and a jellyfish! 

“Sam had a constant smile,” said Sam’s mom. He enjoyed every moment and had the best time on his trip. This wish was very uplifting for Sam and his family. “It was a way for us to relax as a family and to take a break from daily, normal stresses of life,” his mom reflected. “It was amazing to do something Sam would never imagine doing.” 

Sam loved coming back and telling all his friends what he got to do in Hawaii. Today, Sam is very active and enjoys spending his time playing on his basketball and football team!

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