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Raegan's Wish to see the Princesses

“ This trip made her so happy and let her feel and be normal for a week. ”

- Raegan's mom

Raegan is an adventurous, determined, sweet, Disney-loving 5-year-old. When Raegan was only 4 years old she developed a week-long fever that would not go away and with each day she started to become more fatigued. After many tests, it was discovered that Raegan had leukemia.

Treatments started right away, and for the next eight months Raegan was in the hospital weekly undergoing chemotherapy. Typically, these treatments cause harsh reactions on the body, but for Raegan this was not the case which her parents say was a blessing.  “She has been the ideal patient,” said Raegan’s mom.

Raegan’s love for Disney started when she was about three years old, after a family trip to Disneyland®. She fell in love with all the rides and characters, especially the princesses. When Raegan learned she could have a wish granted, she knew she wanted it to be Disney themed and asked to travel to Walt Disney World® in Florida. In addition to visiting the Disney parks, Raegan was able to stay at Give Kids the World Village®, a 79-acre, nonprofit resort catered to children with life-threatening illnesses and governed by a 6-foot tall bunny rabbit. 

Raegan had a blast on her trip. She loved all the rides, treats, and attractions at Give Kids the World Village including the Ice Cream Palace and Dino Putt-putt. At the parks, she was able to meet all of her favorite characters and loved being treated as a VIP with her line-hopper pass (wish kids never wait in lines!). Raegan’s favorite ride of the whole trip was Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom; she conquered this ride many times! After exploring the Disney parks, Raegan and her family also spent a day at Universal Studios® and at Sea World®. Sea World was especially fun for Raegan because she was able to see many fish and other ocean animals up close.

Overall, Raegan’s wish not only created lasting memories for she and her family, but served as a ray of hope during her tough times of her diagnosis. 

“This trip kept Raegan going,” said Raegan’s mom. “During her treatments we reminded her that she was going on a trip soon, and she got to go because she was brave. This trip made her so happy and let her feel and be normal for a week.” 

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