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McKade's Wish to go to Walt Disney World

“ These wishes really show you how amazing people are and how they can make a hard situation doable ”

- McKade's Mom

McKade loves anything and everything sports. Whether it be on the PlayStation, TV, or outdoors, McKade is obsessed with baseball and basketball. He likes to play whichever sport is in season and you will always find him with some type of ball, wanting to play with whoever is willing. He especially likes to play kickball with his brother and his friends.

About three years ago, McKade suddenly became sick and was in and out of doctor’s offices weekly for three months straight. Though his blood tests were coming back positive, they knew something was wrong when McKade started getting fevers. After more tests, McKade’s doctor found his liver count to be low and referred him to the local children’s hospital. This was where McKade was diagnosed with cancer. After numerous rounds of chemotherapy and seven months of treatments, McKade now feels like a normal kid again and has regained his hair and energy!

McKade wished to go to Walt Disney World so he could “feel the magic” and ride on an airplane! The anticipation of his trip kept him motivated and excited. When he arrived at the Disney parks, McKade loved riding on the rollercoasters and meeting Buzz, Woody and Spiderman. McKade said visiting Universal Studios was his favorite park because he was treated like a king. They took him behind the scenes and everyone in the family came home to new gifts each night. McKade’s favorite rollercoaster was called the Rocket and he rode it three times in a row until his parents got too dizzy. McKade always told his mom, “I made a good choice for my wish; I just wish I could have wished for more time!”

While McKade’s wish helped celebrate his health, the trip really became a wish granted for his whole family. His mom said the experience made everyone more grateful. “These wishes really show you how amazing people are and how they can make a hard situation doable,” she explained. 

McKade is now looking forward to the first grade and being able to attend school. He is also very excited to be going to the same school with his brother. 

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