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Madelyn's Wish to Visit Harry Potter World

Wish Kid Madelyn

“ The power of the wish has armed her with lasting memories... ”

- Madelyn's Mom

9-year-old Madelyn has a special connection with her family: Madelyn and two of her siblings have been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Madelyn and her siblings share the burdens of this medical condition, and are often in the hospital at the same time.

The slightest cold can become a life-threatening event, and it is the understanding and support that comes from her siblings that helps get her through each trial. 

During the many hospital visits, Madelyn and her family began reading the Harry Potter books. It became a huge Potter fan, and even started a competition with the doctors to see who could finish the next book in the series first! After they would complete a book, they would have a movie night and watch the book they had just read.

Naturally, Madelyn wished to go to Harry Potter World in Orlando, Fla. She was invited by her Wish Granters to the Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake to go on a private tour of the owls’ enclosure. She peeked inside one of the cages that housed a large and beautiful owl.  She saw a letter from Hogwarts informing her that her wish had been granted. 

When Madelyn and her family arrived in Florida, they greeted by friendly faces and traveled in a golden van that had been labeled the “Golden Snitch.” While visiting the theme park, Madelyn was able to ride the rides as much as her heart desired. Her favorite ride was the broom flying ride.

“I was worried that when the time would come for Madelyn’s wish that she would not be well enough to go on the rides, or that she would get too tired,” said Madelyn’s mom. “I was so grateful that she could walk and run to each ride by herself. It was as if she was cured for a day while she did the things she loved.” 
The magic continued when Madelyn went to Ollivander’s Wand Shop. Mr. Ollivander personally escorted Madelyn around to find her special wand. When the wand was discovered, it just happened to be the same one as Harry Potter!

Since her wish experience, Madelyn’s life has continued on with its ups and downs, but the power of the wish has armed her with lasting memories that help her during her daily struggles. “I can’t talk or write about Maddie’s wish without shedding tears,” said Madelyn’s mom. “Now at home when I ask Maddie what was her favorite part of her wish she replies, ‘Everything!’”

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