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Lily's Wish to Visit the California Theme Parks

Wish Kid Lily and Dora the Explorer

“ She is forever the happiest little girl... ”

Life seems pretty simple at the age of three, but for Lily things are a little more complex. When Lily was two, she was diagnosed with A.L.L. leukemia, but even through tough times she remains a sweet, pizza-loving, flower enthusiast who can’t get enough of Dora the Explorer.

While Lily loves dancing, singing, painting, and swimming, when it came time to to make her wish, meeting Dora the Explorer at the California theme parks sounded like a dream come true.

Of course Dora was thrilled to meet Lily as well. Even though Lily was a little shy at first, after breaking the ice by showing Dora her baby doll, the two girls were soon the best of friends.

They played in the park together, holding hands all the while. After they were done going down slides and swinging, Lily and Dora took a walk to watch the nearby waterfall. It was such an exciting day for Lily, she still loves telling people “Dora’s my friend.”

After having fun with Dora, Lily and her family went to the aquarium. Lily loves animals! She was so happy to get to see all the fish, and even the birds that liked hanging around the fish as well. She especially loved seeing the penguins—they like to swim just like she does!

Now that Lily is home again, she still watches a lot of Dora the Explorer and loves playing with her Dora toys when she’s not dancing or dressing up as a princess. 

Lily is still in treatment, but she is forever the happy little girl who got to meet Dora the Explorer … which will probably make her pretty popular when she starts preschool next year!

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