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Lauren's Wish to go to the Walt Disney World® Resort

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“ The magic felt like it would never stop... ”

  • Lauren , 7

    • Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome
    • I wish to go to the Walt Disney World® Resort

Lauren is a frilly-dress wearing, magic wand toting, Dark Force defeating princess who can navigate riveting realms such as Candyland and Diagon Alley. As a spunky, sugar-sweet 7-year-old who was diagnosed with a life-threatening respiratory disorder (CCHS), Lauren has a special connection to princesses who are beautiful and strong.

Like the self-described “tough broad,” these enchanting women are faced with difficult obstacles that they have to overcome with grace and kindness.  

When it came time for Lauren to make her wish, she knew exactly what she wanted: to go to the Walt Disney World® Resort and meet her royal role-models.

Lauren’s enchanting experience started with a bang, as she got to celebrate her birthday on the first day she was there. She was showered with presents fit for a queen, and spent the whole day having all kinds of boisterous birthday adventures.

Each day of her wish trip, Lauren dressed up as a different princess—on her birthday she decided to be Princess Ana. The week was filled with dresses, trinkets, and ice cream galore.

Like every true princess on her birthday, Lauren was waited on hand and foot, from her special birthday breakfast waffle, to her personalized princess make-over, and even a private meet and greet with the cast of Frozen.

While being a princess was Lauren’s natural role in the parks, she explored her mystical talents by going on a magical journey through The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Lauren was able to be part of a special wand choosing ceremony. She tried out several different wands, only to have them go completely berserk on her, knocking papers off the table and making the lightbulbs flicker. Finally, a willow-wood wand with a unicorn hair center chose Lauren to be its master; the wind started to blow and her faced glowed with excitement. When they left the shop, Lauren turned to her mom and squealed, “I was hoping it would be unicorn hair!”

Lauren cast enchantments all over the park with her new wand. By the end of the day, she was ready to knock out mountain trolls or easily defeat a boggart with a flick of her wrist.

For Lauren, the magic felt like it would never stop.

She got to play games in the Candyland Park, become a Jedi, and even got her picture taken as Snow White in front of the cottage of the Seven Dwarves.

The week was a whirlwind for the little princess, and when she finally arrived home to her Rocky Mountain palace, Lauren couldn’t quite believe everything that had happened.

Even though she’s home now, and back to school, Lauren is already planning her return to the “magic kingdom.” She says for her next birthday, she wants to go back and volunteer at Give Kids the World so that other children can experience the same amazing time that she did.

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