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Kyler's Wish to go to Walt Disney World

“ We got to see him smile. We got to see him happy. ”

- Kyler's Mom

Kyler is a six-year-old who loves to be with his family and to be outdoors. He loves TV shows like Power Rangers and Ghostbusters and anything that is his favorite color, blue. Kyler doesn’t communicate with words but with his great smile and funny personality.

Just after turning four, Kyler’s parents noticed that he was walking strangely. After a while, he was struggling to walk at all. Slowly, Klyer’s condition took away his ability to function from the toes up. He lost his ability to crawl, to sit up by himself, and to communicate. Currently, it’s growing harder and harder for Kyler to breathe on his own. In the two years since his symptoms appeared, doctors have struggled to diagnose his condition. His undiagnosed state makes him difficult to treat. 

When Kyler’s family got in touch with Make-A-Wish, Kyler didn’t totally understand what was going on and he announced that he wished to go to the grocery store! His wish granters worked with Kyer and his family and eventually, they chose to visit Walt Disney World because Kyler would be able to participate in most of the activities. Although his family initially worried Kyler might not remain healthy enough to travel, as Kyler’s wish day approached, they let themselves finally be excited! “We hadn’t had good news in two years,” Kyler’s mom said. “It was so nice to have something to look forward to.”

In Florida, Kyler and his family had the time of their lives. Kyler loved the rides at every amusement park but loved the shows even more; he giggled throughout the whole animal stunt show at SeaWorld. His family especially loved their experience at Give Kids the World Village where the volunteers were kind and helpful. “It was just so comforting to be there,” his mom said. “We all wish we could just live there!” 

The memories of the wish have had the greatest impact on Kyler’s family. As Kyler’s condition worsens, the memories of him enjoying life are sacred to Kyler’s parents and siblings. 

“We got to see him out of the house,” Kyler’s mom said. “We got to see him smile. We got to see him happy.”

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