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Kai's Alaska Adventure

“ Live life in the moment and enjoy it. Time goes by fast and sometimes we need to be reminded of that. ”

- Kai's Dad

Kai is the most inquisitive 9-year-old you will ever meet. He loves to build things as well as take everything apart. Kai’s dad said he enjoys watching things like How it’s Made because he is just so curious, he soaks up information “like a sponge.”

Kai loves being outdoors; you can find him skiing, boating, or often just playing outside. At six months old, he had a liver transplant, but Kai’s body rejected the liver and he is again listed for another transplant. Although Kai was previously spending about a month in the hospital every year, he hasn’t been admitted in over a year now. Kai absolutely loves cold weather. When he learned he had the opportunity to make a wish, he decided to combine his passion for the outdoors and cooler climates and asked for a trip to Alaska. He couldn’t wait to explore this adventure wonderland. 

Kai’s wish trip was perfect! He and his family were able to go hiking in the Kenai Fjords and enjoy their time at the Alaska Sea Life Center with a behind the scenes tour petting seals and visiting the otters. For Kai, the most memorable part of the wish was his boating trip. Even though it was 50 degrees outside and raining most of the day, he had a great time. The captain of the boat even let Kai drive for a bit! Kai’s smile never left his face as he reenacted the scene from the Titanic soaring on the front of the boat. The ultimate highlight of the journey was whale watching. Kai had never seen a whale before. They were able to see humpbacks, porpoises, different kinds of puffins, and many, many seagulls. 

Kai’s dad said that Kai, along with his siblings, have had their eyes opened since this experience. They now are more understanding of the world and just how diverse it can be. They have also become even more avid explorers. Kai felt empowered throughout his wish. Throughout the trip, he was never told “he can’t,” but instead focused on the things he wanted to do. 

For Kai’s dad, the highlight of the trip was watching his family come together in an experience they otherwise would never of had on their own. “Live life in the moment and enjoy it,” said Kai’s dad. “Time goes by fast and sometimes we need to be reminded of that.”

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