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Jinora's Wish to Meet A Princess

“ It was a truly incredible experience for the entire family. ”

- Jinora's Mom

Jinora is a joyful 4-year-old girl who loves being around people. Mom says she’s always been very social and energetic. Jinora is a budding artist, always wanting to get her hands dirty and be creative.

She loves to draw, color, paint and makes lots of different arts and crafts. Jinora loves to dress up, especially as her favorite princesses like Mulan, Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa. Jinora’s favorite colors are purple and pink and she loves to eat white rice, edamame, popcorn, and Pocky Sticks.

Jinora has always been very healthy and very active, but last August both she and her sister got sick. While her sister recovered quickly, Jinora became very lethargic and clingy with her parents – which was atypical for her usually independent personality. After the third visit to her pediatrician, her physician ran a blood test that uncovered a big difference in her hemoglobin. Shortly after, Jinora was diagnosed with leukemia. She currently receives chemotherapy treatments every other month and will through January 2021.

The Chung family’s journey with Make-A-Wish has been one marked with gratitude and surprise. Jinora’s mother first realized that Make-A-Wish was an option for Jinora when a social worker at the hospital referred her. “Up until then, I thought it was for terminal children,” Jinora’s mom explained. “I was so surprised that Jinora would qualify.”

When initially asked what she wanted her wish to be, Jinora confidently declared she wished to have a pet squirrel. Mom and Dad thought this was funny but explained that the family did not have room for a furry friend. Jinora’s wish granters helped her think through other options and ultimately, she decided to draw on her love of princesses and wished to visit Walt Disney World.

Once Jinora’s wish was approved by her physician, Make-A-Wish partnered with Discover Card to surprise her with the news. “It happened during a challenging part of the journey,” said Jinora’s mom. When the family came to the Discover building they were blown away with the party that awaited them. Anna and Elsa came out to meet Jinora at the car and walk her inside to a lobby full of employees clapping for Jinora, and the memory is still fresh in the family’s mind. “I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for this organization,” her mom explained. “The generosity of other people really hit me (during the event).” 

When Jinora’s wish day arrived, the trip proved to be everything she hoped it would be. It was a needed reprieve during such trying circumstances. Everyone had a blast on the trip. Jinora got to meet all her favorite princesses and created lasting memories with her entire family, including her grandparents. “It was a truly incredible experience for the entire family,” her mother said. “I was really touched by the whole experience.”

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