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Jarom's Wish to visit Cape Canaveral

Jarom on the Florida Beach

“ Jarom's wish was a trip of a lifetime... ”

Jarom has always loved learning facts about history and science. When his 3rd grade class studied the planets, he already knew them in order and knew facts about them. Jarom also loves the outdoors and enjoys camping.

It was on a Boy Scout camping trip that one of Jarom's friends noticed a lump on the side of his neck. When he returned home from camp, Jarom's parents took him in to see a specialist. Tests revealed that the lump was a benign tumor. It was not until after the surgery that Jarom and his family were surprised by the news that the tumor was in fact Lymphoma.

"We were shocked because it was so unexpected.  Then we met with the oncologists, who told us he had nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin’s disease. It is a type of cancer that is very treatable with chemotherapy," said Jarom's mom.

When Jarom heard the news, he took it very well, and faced his treatments with incredible courage. Always a good student, Jarom did not like having to miss the last two months of the school year. But with the help of a teacher who worked with him at home, Jarom maintained good grades.

When Jarom learned that he would be able to have a wish granted through Make-A-Wish® Utah, his excitement grew. "Thinking about his wish gave him something to look forward to on those miserable days when he couldn't do anything but lay on the bed," said Jarom’s mom.

Because of his love of science, Jarom wished to go to Cape Canaveral in Florida. Jarom and his family spent two days exploring the Space Center.  They experienced a space shuttle launch stimulation, saw an IMAX 3-D film about the space station, and even met a real astronaut! They even saw the space shuttle Atlantis arrive in Florida as well! After that, the family experienced all the fun and diversions of the Florida theme parks.

His wish trip was fun-filled and relaxing for the whole family.  After a stressful year with Jarom's cancer diagnosis and treatments, they truly needed some time to be together and not worry about anything else. Jarom talks of his wish experience as the trip of a lifetime, one that he will never forget.

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