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Ivy's WWE Wresting Wish Comes True

“ This trip refreshed and reset her attitude ”

- Ivy's Mom

Ivy was born just one year before newborn screening test for cystic fibrosis was utilized. As first-time parents, Ivy’s mom and dad started to worry when their already small baby was not putting on weight. They took Ivy to see her doctor and were sent immediately to the hospital where Ivy was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

Ivy spent two weeks in the hospital with feeding tubes, pills, and breathing treatments before she was strong enough to go home. Today, Ivy takes pills and does breathing treatments daily to keep her symptoms in check, but that does not stop her from doing what she loves, like, cooking, crafting, and playing outside.

When Ivy found out she qualified for a wish, she was ecstatic! Ivy knew exactly what she wanted her wish to be. Ivy wished to go to a WWE™ match.

Ivy’s love for WWE and wrestling started when she was around five. Ivy would play WWE video games with her dad. Soon, this transitioned from playing WWE to watching WWE matches together. Ivy quickly fell in love with the sport and knew it was her one true wish to see a match in person.

Ivy’s wish took her on a trip to Dallas for the WWE: Survivor Series. The family explored the city, visiting the zoo and even going ice skating. When the day of the match arrived, and Ivy and her family were escorted from their hotel to the match in a limo! Ivy was given a backstage pass at the event. She was able to meet all the wrestlers she had watched on television for years! When the match started, Ivy got to sit ring side, with all of the wrestlers’ family and friends!
“This wish let Ivy be free,” Ivy’s mom said “This trip refreshed and reset her attitude.” 

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