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Henri's Adventures in Legoland

“ Because of this wish, he is balancing his worries and becoming braver in his own skin. ”

- Henri's Mom

When Henri was a toddler, he was not progressing developmentally in the same ways as other children his age who were jumping, climbing, or kicking a ball. His parents took him to neurologists and chiropractors who performed many tests in an effort to make a diagnosis. When Henri was two years old, he was diagnosed with neuromuscular disorder. Today, Henri’s condition continues to limit his mobility.

Henri loves Legos®. After long days at the hospital where he undergoes numerous tests and doctor visits, he is rewarded with Legos to brighten his spirits. When Henri learned that he qualified to have a wish granted, he immediately knew what he wanted: to go to LEGOLAND® in  Orlando!

Henri’s trip to LEGOLAND and the other theme parks in Florida was such a joyful time for him! “Henri is a homebody, but his time at the park put him outside his comfort zone and showed him there are more places to see outside of the home,” said his mom. Sometimes Henri can be cautios and timid, but Henri was very brave during his wish trip. As he worked up the nerve to ride some of the attractions, he got braver and bolder and eventually wanted to go on the rides all day! 

Henri was also able to meet many characters like Optimus Prime and Jack the Skeleton! He loved jumping from one park to another and enjoyed the many different things each had to offer. 

Henri’s mom described his wish to be a needed, care-free experience for the whole family. They were able to create new family memories, and the experience also helped Henri to open up and not be as shy when talking about his condition. This wish allowed Henri to have joy and connect a positive experience with his medical condition. “Watching Henri get comfortable and seeing the bright side of the hard parts of his condition was the most magical change in him,” said Henri’s mom.

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