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Hailee's Wish to go to England

“ It was nice to get away for a week with family and be able to relax. We didn’t have to worry about anything except to have fun. ”

- -Hailee

Hailee is such a sweet and kind person to talk to. Even when she is faced with challenges in life, she is able to overcome them with the support of friends and family.

Hailee was born with a neuromuscular disorder, but that has never stopped her from doing the things she loves or achieving her goals in life. She loves photography, cooking, baking, learning new things and loves anything artsy. 

When Hailee found out that she would be given the opportunity to make a wish, she had a few in mind. She thought about visiting London, asking for a nice camera, meeting the cast of Supernatural, and being a National Geographic photographer for a day. After narrowing it down, she chose to go to England because that is where her grandparents were from and has always wanted to see the places that her family talks about. She also has a friend that she met with online that resides in England. Hailee has always loved England and enjoys watching British TV shows and movies like Are You Being Served?

There were a lot of firsts for Hailee during her wish trip. It was her first time flying, eating fish and chips, being in a taxi, being in another country, and riding a double-decker bus. She and her family took a bus tour and a river cruise to see all the major attractions in England. She was able to visit the location her grandparents were from and see the church where they were baptized. “It was nice to get away for a week with family and be able to relax,” said Hailee. “We didn’t have to worry about anything except to have fun.”

When Hailee was asked what her favorite part of the trip was, she said she absolutely loved London and the rhythm and soul that the city had. 

“Experiencing all of the various cultures that existed within London was so fantastic to see that it put you in a better mood,” Hailee explained.  

Hailee will be attending Dixie State next fall, with the goal of becoming a physician assistant.

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