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Emma's Wish to Visit the Walt Disney World® Resort

Wish Kid Emma with a statue of Mini Mouse

“ It was a chance to just be a kid... ”

- Emma's Mom

Emma is a princess through-and-through. This ball-gown sporting, Barbie-doll loving little 5-year-old is a peacemaker who just wants everyone to be happy.

Naturally, for someone who possesses such royal qualities, there was only one place to go: A wish trip to the Walt Disney World® Resort where princesses abound and magic is in the air.

Emma, who was diagnosed with A.L.L. leukemia, had experienced a taste of princesses, and cartoon characters once before during a trip to California. So when it came time to declare her one true wish, she knew she had to go to the ultimate childhood fantasy land.

Emma’s magical adventure began when she and her family hopped boarded a plane and flew to Florida. There they stayed at Give Kids the World storybook resort in a villa close to the theme park. She and her sister loved the princesses and prizes and even rode every ride twice!

Her favorite part of the trip was choosing a wand from the nearby wondrous wizarding world. She harnessed her magical abilities by casting silencing charms, levitating quills, and lighting lamps and lanterns all over the park. With all of the excitement she and her family experienced, no pixie dust was necessary—they were already walking on air.  

With all of her charm and grace, everyone in the parks recognized Emma as a beautiful, loving princess. There was one particular train conductor who even operated the train after hours so he could take Emma and her family home to their villa.  Her family will forever cherish the kindness of everyone who helped with Emma’s wish. 

Emma has recently returned home to her castle in Salt Lake City, and is doing well, according to her mom. Although she still has another year of treatment, Emma will always remember the sparkling, serendipitous chapter of her wish story.

“I think having a break from the stress made Emma feel a lot better,” mom said. “There’s something healing in it. There’s an escape in the parks—a chance to just be a kid.”

According to mom, the “chance to be a kid” is just what they all needed, and they’re ready to journey on to new fairytales and new adventures.

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