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Colby's Wish to Go to Orlando

colby hero

“ Watching him so happy just put me to tears... ”

- Colby's Mom

11-year-old Colby loves hanging out with his dad, shooting Nerf guns, and playing with Marvel action figures. During the summer, he also enjoys spending time in the pool even though it can be a little tricky to maneuver. Colby was diagnosed with a nervous system disorder that does not permit him to control his arms or legs, resulting in constant use of a wheelchair. His condition makes eating difficult as well, and all of his required treatments began to make it hard for him to stay excited and positive.

Knowing Colby needed a break from the realities of his treatment, his nurse practitioner referred him to Make-A-Wish® Utah. Colby decided his one true wish was to go to his favorite theme parks and meet two of his favorite characters, Stitch and Spiderman!

Colby and his family set off to Orlando. During the trip, Colby pet dolphins, rode rides, and met every character he wanted to see. He even had a personalized meet-and-greet with each of the Marvel characters and got a cushy hug from Stitch. The highlight of the trip, however, was when Colby took a helicopter ride with his entire family.

Colby’s mom reported that Colby’s persona changed when his wish was granted. “Watching him so happy just put me to tears,” she said. “He especially enjoyed feeling like the captain in charge throughout the vacation.”

  • Colby meets his hero!

  • Colby meets all of his favorite characters!

  • Just hanging out with Stitch

  • Colby and family pet dolphins!

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