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Claire's Wish to go on a New Orleans Food Tour

Claire Hero Image Photos Courtesy of Bry Cox

“ it was a life-changing experience that has fueled her passion for cooking... ”

During her many chemotherapy treatments, 17-year-old Claire had little to no energy. One of the only things she could do was lie in bed and watch TV. The hours spent watching the Food Network ignited the love she has today for food.

When it was time to declare her one true wish, Claire surprised everyone by choosing to go explore the culinary world of New Orleans. The first big meal on her trip was enjoyed at Emeril’s restaurant. This delectable five course feast kicked off the adventure with an explosion of flavor. Breads, appetizers, pasta, fish, and various meats were followed by six delicious desserts and ice cream flavors. At the end of the evening, Claire and her whole family were extremely stuffed and happy!

The next morning Claire took a tour of Emeril’s test kitchen and made a decedent crème brule with his test chefs. She then ventured on to the French Quarter and stopped at seven different restaurants, where she tasted the traditional food this vibrant city is known for. 

Not only did Claire enjoy amazing culinary creations, she had time to sightsee. She loves being outside and was in awe as she toured the rivers and saw the unique, breathtaking beauty of the swamps.  She also visited Mardi Gras World, where all the floats for the celebration are stored.

One of the best meals she ate during her tour was at John Besh’s August. She even had the opportunity to go see the kitchen and meet the staff. As she left the staff applauded her, making it the perfect ending to her wish trip.

Claire’s wish wasn’t just a fun and exciting trip to a city she had never visited before, it was a life-changing experience that has fueled her passion for cooking, and has help her discover what she wants to do for the rest of her life.

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