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Bowen's Walt Disney World Adventure

“ It’s opened our eyes to how involved the community is with Make-A-Wish ”

- Bowen's Mom

Seven-year-old Bowen would eat pepperoni pizza every single day if he could. It’s one of his top favorite things, right along with lacrosse, LEGOs, hanging with his friends, and playing with his two dogs.

Bowen is very competitive, sensitive, and a bit dramatic according to his mom but he is also always looking out for others. He makes sure everyone is included and will always stand up for those being picked on. 

When Bowen was five-years-old, his parents discovered he had an irregular testicular mass. The doctors didn’t think it was urgent for several months and believed it would go away on its own. The process was confusing and surprising for Bowen’s family as they were told repeatedly the mass was benign but eventually discovered it was cancerous. It was a very rare condition for a child. Bowen started chemotherapy four months later and, after four rounds, he was completely healed. He missed a lot of preschool but, now seven-years-old, his life has gone right back to normal. “I wouldn’t change the outcomes,” Bowen’s mom said, “but I also wouldn’t want to go through it again.”

Bowen’s parents knew of Make-A-Wish but were shocked when they learned from their social worker that Bowen was eligible. They thought Make-A-Wish only granted wishes for terminal conditions. They were touched to learn Make-A-Wish delivered hope and happiness to kids in all varieties of circumstances. Bowen knew instantly he wanted his whole family to go to Walt Disney World for his wish. He especially was looking forward to the Toy Story ride and staying at Give Kids the World Village.

Bowen’s family had a magical experience in Florida. Give Kids the World Village surpassed all their expectations and they loved eating ice cream for breakfast every day (if they wanted)! The Avatar ride in Animal Kingdom was their absolute favorite; since wish kids do not wait in lines they skipped that three-hour wait and rode it three times! At Universal Studios, Spiderman saw Bowen wearing his Make-A-Wish shirt and brought him right to the front of the line. 

Since then, Bowen’s family still think about their trip often. “It’s opened our eyes to how involved the community is with Make-A-Wish,” his mom said. They are excited to help other kids have their wishes granted and experience the magic that they did. 

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