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Boston's Wish to Go to His Favorite Theme Parks

“ We smiled more, laughed more, and felt better than we had in a long time. ”

- Boston's Mom

Boston is a happy 5-year-old boy that loves to jump on the trampoline, ride his bike, play Wii and spend time with his brothers and sister. As he eagerly awaits starting kindergarten in the fall, you may not guess that over the last year and a half Boston has undergone a life-threatening diagnosis and recovery.

At two-years-old, Boston was diagnosed with leukemia. Although he didn’t really understand what was happening to him, the treatment process was hard on Boston’s body and he had to spend a lot of time in hospitals and away from home. After a little over a year of treatment, Boston was given the opportunity to make a wish and he decided his one true with was to meet the characters from his favorite movies. He and his family were whisked off to the theme parks in Orlando.

Boston’s wish trip was the first time he had ever ridden on an airplane and he loved watching the plane take off and land through the window. Once they arrived, Boston and his siblings loved swimming at their resort, Give Kids the World Village®, and exploring all of the different theme parks in the area. They rode almost every ride they saw and met all kinds of characters. Although Boston was a little hesitant to meet some of the characters (after all, they are pretty big in person) his eyes lit up when he met Mickey and Minnie Mouse and he ran to give them a hug. For him, this was the highlight of the trip.

Boston’s parents treasured the memories their family created during the trip and appreciated the break from the stresses that come with cancer treatments. “When your child is sick, the stress of treatment and all that comes with it can be hard on everyone,” said Boston’s mom. “Being able to leave our stress behind for that time was such a blessing for us. We smiled more, laughed more, and felt better than we had in a long time. For us, that is something we will never forget.”

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