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Ben's Wish to See His Favorite Theme Parks

“ When he was down, looking forward to this trip was the only thing that would cheer him up. ”

- Ben's Mom

When Ben was 17, he took a fall during a church basketball game that injured his tail-bone. Over the next several months, the pain in Ben’s tail-bone did not subside, and grew even worse after attending physical therapy. Eventually, Ben went to the ER and got a MRI where doctors discovered a malignant tumor on his tail-bone.

The day after Ben was diagnosed with cancer, he started chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the treatment was not effective, and Ben underwent surgery to remove the cancerous tail-bone. After surgery, Ben spent two months recovering in the hospital undergoing radiation and learning how to walk again. Today, Ben walks with a limp, and does not having any feeling in his right leg and foot, but he continues to smile and stay positive. Doctors are keeping a close eye on his case, but his latest scans showed that he is cancer-free!  

10 years ago, Ben enjoyed a family vacation to his favorite theme parks in Orlando. During the trip, his family crossed through a fancy hotel that left a lasting impression on Ben. He dreamed of staying there one day. When he was asked what he wanted his wish to be, he knew he had the opportunity to fulfill this dream and decided to go back to his favorite theme parks and stay at the amazing hotel. As Ben completed his radiation and recovery, his wish was something that he was able to look forward to and cheered him up on the hard days.

“When Ben was in so much pain, I would try and massage his legs, but what really distracted him was when I got him talking about his wish trip,” said Ben’s mom. “It was such a great thing for him to look forward to, plan, and keep him going in the hospital.”

When his wish finally arrived, Ben loved everything about the experience. He was fascinated with the whole atmosphere at the parks. His favorite part of the trip was that he was able to use a pass that got him and his family to the front of the lines, so he was able to go on all the rides more than once! He also ate his way through the park and got to pick what restaurants he wanted to try. Ben’s experience at the hotel was everything he thought it would be. Plus, he loved how close the hotel was to the park because he was able to go back and rest if he needed to. It was such an unforgettable experience for him and his family because of the memories they made.

Today, Ben is a senior in high school and is about to graduate. He is planning to complete a church mission and loves being back working at Chick-Fil-A.

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