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Ava's Wish to Visit the Beaches of Hawaii

“ This trip was special for her! This is a vacation we will never forget ”

- Ava's Mom

Ava loves to run around and play, but when Ava started complaining of arm pain, her mom knew something was wrong. Eventually, Ava’s medical team discovered this arm pain originated from a tumor located in her spinal cord. The pressure from this spinal tumor was causing pain in her arm.

Ava’s course of treatment was long. She underwent thirty rounds of radiation and chemotherapy for six months.. While in the hospital, Ava dreamed of a peaceful island and she longed to visit. So, when Ava discovered she qualified for a wish she knew she wanted to go to Hawaii. Ava’s treatments had taken a lot out of her, but when her wish granters revealed that her wish was officially being granted, Ava’s parents saw their bubbly little girl again and said, “it was nice to see her happy after she had been so sick.”

Hawaii was an oasis for Ava and her family.  It gave them a break from their weekly hospital trips. Her trip to Hawaii was scheduled during her one-month break after radiation and before her next hard round of chemotherapy. “Ava has always wanted to go to Hawaii, we knew there was only a certain amount of time for her to feel good enough to travel,” Ava’s mom explained.  

Ava’s trip was filled with Hawaiian adventures from swimming with dolphins to playing on the beach and splashing in the ocean. But Ava’s favorite part of the whole trip was attending her first luau. Ava loved seeing the hula dancers and listening to the island music. 

“This trip was special for her! This is a vacation we will never forget.” Ava’s mom said. 

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