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Andon's Wish to Go to Hawaii

Andon and Mom

“ To get out of town together as a family brought us really close and made us realize that everything would be okay. ”

- Andon's Mom

11-year-old Andon has been described as both an artist and a dreamer. He loves to draw, paint, build, and create projects and he is very close to his parents and four siblings. His mom said Andon is a happy kid, even during his treatments for leukemia.

Prior to Andon’s wish, he was confined to homeschooling because of his intense treatments. He missed seeing his friends regularly and longed for an adventure outside of his home. At the time, he was learning about different islands throughout the world and thought Hawaii sounded amazing. With this in mind, Andon wished to take his family on a Hawaiian vacation where he sincerely hoped to swim with dolphins.

A group of local Hawaiian dancers helped tell Andon his wish was being granted. On the trip, Andon and his family visited the Polynesian Cultural Center twice because Andon loved it so much. They also frequented local food trucks, which was a favorite for Andon because he hadn’t been able to eat anything without using tubes in a long time. His favorite memory, of course, was when the final piece of his wish was granted and he got to go sailing on a catamaran to snorkel and swim with dolphins!

Overall, the trip gave Andon and his family time together where they didn’t have to worry about treatments, appointments, or (at least for that week) leukemia. “Hands down, the wish had a huge impact on not only Andon but our entire family,” Andon’s mom explained. “It was a really tough nine months (of treatment) for the family, and just to get out of town together as a family brought us really close and made us realize that everything would be okay.“

  • Andon entering A Wishing Place tower

  • Andon and family on the plane to Hawaii

  • Sailing on the catamaran to snorkel with dolphins!

  • Family fun!

  • Andon and family

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