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MiaBella's Wish to Give Back

MiaBella Hero Image Photos Courtesy of Bry Cox

“ Mia’s donor family was able to feel the magic of a wish... ”

  • MiaBella , 14

    • Heart Transplant
    • I wish to give my wish to my donor family

A couple of years ago Mia received the gift of life with a donor heart. After going to the doctor’s office for what she thought was the flu, Mia was diagnosed with Giant Cell Myocarditis.

Mia is wise beyond her years and possesses an astonishing amount of generosity. Her journey started at A Wishing Place where she hoped to wish for something that had to do with animals because she wants to be a veterinarian. 

After Mia’s transplant she and her family connected with her donor’s family through social media and the two families quickly became one — grieving the loss of one child, and celebrating the healing of another. Though they lived hundreds of miles apart and had never met, emails were exchanged and they watched as each other’s lives unfolded through social media. 

One day the donor family shared a post about the sorrow and loss they were feeling. Mia had been thinking a lot about their gift to her, so she asked her parents if she could give her wish away to them. Mia wrote to Make-A-Wish® Utah’s Board of Directors to re-declare her wish. She wanted to give her donor’s family a vacation that would put a smile on their faces because they had been through so much. Her only request was for the family to send her lots of pictures. 

Although Mia felt she would never be able to repay them, she knew this gift would let them know how much they really meant to her, and how much she cared for each and every one of them. 

Mia presented her gift to the family through a heartfelt video. The donor family was overwhelmed with happiness and went on an amazing trip to Walt Disney World® Resorts. Mia’s donor family was able to feel the magic of a wish as they created new and joyful memories together in honor of their child’s life. 

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