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Lucas's Wish to be a Police Officer

Wish Kid Lucas and Governor Gary Herbert on the steps of the Utah State Capitol

“ That uniform - It's like it helped define his character... ”

- Lucas's father

On October 11, 2014, Utah Governor Gary H. Herbert declares the day "Wish Kid Lucas Superhero Day". Lucas always wanted to be a hero. According to his family, helping people and showing love are two things this charismatic 5-year-old is always doing.

He loves the Avengers, especially Ironman, and how they use their superpowers to fight for justice. When Lucas was asked what his wish would be, he said “to be a policeman,” because he saw that role as the embodiment of the heroic characteristics.

On October 11, 2014, Lucas donned a policeman’s uniform made especially for him, and changed into the everyday hero he’d always wanted to be.

“Putting on that uniform transformed him,” his father said. “It’s like it helped define his character … when he puts it on, he’s suddenly more outgoing, more ready to help.”

Lucas had a full day of police duty. After being sworn in by Mayor Ralph Becker and Chief Chris Burbank as the newest police officer in Salt Lake City, Lucas rode along in a cop car, taking care of all kinds of official police-business, including stopping a speeding driver and handcuffing bad guys. Of course, the experience couldn’t be complete without picking up some doughnuts along the way.

Before Lucas’s day was over, he and his brother rode in a helicopter up to the Hogle Zoo, where he received his most important mission of all: to save his favorite superhero, whose suit had run out of battery power! Lucas took his assignment with confidence, and scoured the zoo for the lost superhero. With the help of other super heroes, the SLCPD, and the K-9 unit, Lucas found his superhero friend at last. He defeated the villain, restored battery power, and saved the day!

With sleuthing skills like that, no one could help but be impressed with his policeman prowess—least of all Governor Herbert, who thanked Lucas at the capitol.

Lucas’s family said that they are grateful for the experience to “have people show so much love and dedication to making a memorable experience for someone they didn’t even know.”

“The experience brought us closer together,” his dad said. “Before, we were a family, but now we’re a team.”

Dad reports that Lucas is his usual energetic, charming, “hammy” self. He’s in kindergarten, and telling his friends all about how he saved a superhero allegedly makes him pretty popular.  Even though Lucas is moving on to new adventures, he still cherishes his experience as a policeman and will put on his uniform whenever he gets the chance, always prepared to save the day.
  • Wish Kid Lucas with his Wish Granters and Governor Gary Herbert

  • Wish Kid Lucas and Chief of the Salt Lake City Police

  • Wish Kid Lucas and his Wish Granter during his Star Raising

  • Wish Kid Lucas marshalling in a Police Helicopter

  • Wish Kid Lucas being fitted with SWAT gear.

  • Wish Kid Lucas assisting with a Police K-9 Demonstration

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