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Kelvin's Wish to become Jake the Neverland Pirate

Kelvin Hero Image

“ It’s not about getting something, it’s about having hope... ”

- Kelvin's Mother

Kelvin is a fun-loving 5-year-old who can’t get enough of animated race cars and adventurous pirates. Diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma, Kelvin has had a pretty tough year. But when the going gets tough, the tough become pirates!

That was Kelvin’s wish: he wanted to become Jake a Neverland Pirate, a brave sea-master who fights hook-handed foes and dangerous crocodiles. 

Kelvin’s wish came true as he and his family travelled all the way to the Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida. Not only did Kelvin get to transform into Jake (complete with a wig and eyebrows too big for his face), he had all kinds of Disney fun meeting Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and of course, eating lots of ice cream! He especially remembers how excited he was to meet Lightning McQueen, the champion of racecars. 

Now that they’re home, Kelvin and his siblings often talk about the exciting time they had in Florida. 

“They find presents that they received from The Village, or see photos of the trip and get excited remembering all of the fun things they did,” mom said. 

It was quite the adventure, and was even Kelvin’s first time on a plane. When asked the most memorable part of the wish journey, his family said it was seeing his excitement and joy. 

“Seeing Kelvin’s happiness in the whole experience, seeing him smile, enjoying life—that’s what I remember the most,” his mom recalls. 

For pirate Kelvin’s family, that was the most important thing. According to his mom, having a wish to look forward to made everything easier. It energized Kelvin, helping him get through the treatment process with courage. 

“It’s not about getting something, it’s about having hope, knowing that life can go on and there are things to look forward to—that there are people that care and would do anything for us,” his mom said. “It really makes you want to give back.” 

Kelvin’s family reports that he is doing well and is excited to sail on to his next big adventure ... kindergarten in the fall. Yo ho ho!

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Ana Paula Caputo Sousa

Kevin é uma maravilhosa criança, apesar de toda a luta com a doença ele está sempre feliz e é muito amoroso. Fico muito feliz por ele ter conseguido realizar seu desejo de se tornar um "pirata". A família de Kevin é muito especial, eu os admiro, e os amo muito. Obrigada por realizarem esse desejo dele.

Kevin is a wonderful child, despite all the struggle with the disease he is always happy and very loving. I am very glad he realized his desire to become a "pirate". Kevin's family is very special , I admire them, and love them very much . Thank you for doing this for him.

March 27, 2015 - 11:54 AM

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