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Joshua's Wish to be a BYU Football Player

“ We could do things we couldn't otherwise. ”

- Joshua's Dad

While Joshua may seem young for his passion, he’s been a BYU sports fan since he can remember. Joshua loves basketball, soccer, and football, taking every opportunity to go outside and show his hoop-shooting, ball-kicking, goal-scoring prowess. He and his dad love to watch all of the BYU football games together, after which, Joshua can easily give his mom a play-by-play of every move the players made.

When Joshua was diagnosed with A.L.L. leukemia, his condition progressed rapidly, temporarily impairing his ability to walk or talk. During treatments and recovery, sports were key. His medical team incorporated basketball and football into his physical therapy plan, and Josh and his dad escaped to BYU games as often as possible to get a brake from hospital walls. When it came time to make his wish, Joshua knew exactly what he wanted: to be a BYU football player for the day.

On wish day, Joshua and his dad went to a BYU football practice, where the players hoisted this happy 6-year-old up on their shoulders and gave him a flag that they had all signed. He was also given a V.I.P. sideline pass for an upcoming game. Donning his blue and white jersey, helmet, knee and shoulder pads, cleats and anything else that a true blue football player might need, Joshua helped the players warm up for the game and then watched from the sidelines and cheered on his team like never before. When Mom asked Joshua what his favorite part of the wish was, he started to list things, but then stopped himself and said, “all of it!”

Since his wish, Joshua is even crazier about sports! Any time the weather is even halfway decent, he seizes the opportunity to put on his BYU gear and show the big kids in the neighborhood what a real football player looks like.

  • Wish Kid Joshua on the BYU endzone

  • Wish Kid Joshua posing next to BYU football statues

  • Wish Kid Joshua with his wishgranting team

  • Wish Kid Joshua in full BYU football gear

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