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May 17, 2013

Savannah's Wish: A Disney Cruise

Savannah and her Wish Granting Team
When eleven-year-old Savannah came to A Wishing Place her whole face was lit up in a smile. She had been thinking a lot about what she wanted her wish to be during a long hospital stay and couldn't wait to see the wishing room where she would officially declare her wish.
There were a couple of things Savannah had been considering, so we played the wishing game to explore all the options.  Right away we saw how thoughtful and giving this little girl was as all her wish ideas included
the likes and interests of other people in her family as well as her own. It was no surprise that she finally settled on a wish that would provide a magical experience for everyone; a wish to go on a Disney Cruise!

Once Savannah's wish was approved, we started planning a memorable wish proclamation.  And memorable it was!  We coordinated with her family and school to surprise Savannah with a pizza party for her class.  Savannah was called down the principal's office while we quickly set up and when she returned the whole class along with her parents, brothers, sister, and grand parents all yelled surprise!  Savannah told us later that along with being completely surprised, she was also relieved that she wasn't actually in trouble when she was sent to the principal's office. 

We quickly found out that when you add pizza, soda and Owl City to a room full of fifth graders and stir, you get one wild party. There was a conga line that weaved through all the desks in the classroom that included all the kids in class, Savannah's brothers and sister, and even her mom joined in!  There was also lots of chanting as one of the students chugged the dregs of the Hawaiian Punch.

After this lively wish proclamation, we knew to expect a whole lot of fun at Savannah's wish send off party.  After some cake and a whole lot of chocolate, Savannah raised her star.  But we had one more surprise for
Savannah and her family.  My wish partner, Andrew who is a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, was able to get her an official military flag that was flown on a training mission over the Utah Test and Training Range in an F-16, encased it in a beautiful wooden display along with certificates from the pilot, and dedicated it to Savannah.  Savannah was the first wish child to ever receive a flag, and the family was honored and touched by the gift. 

Savannah's party concluded with music and dancing, some of which happened on a table.  I think it's safe to say, a good time was had by all.

Savannah was determined to have the time of her life on her wish, and signed up for a paragliding excursion and a dolphin encounter, as well as a spa day with her mom.  After Savannah's wish, I received a picture of Savannah and her brothers and sister with Mickey on the cruise ship.  I didn't think I could see a more joyful smile than when Savannah came to a Wishing Place that first day, but in this picture she has a smile that is completely intoxicating.  Her mother also sent a note saying, "I just wanted to thank you guys for everything you did for Savannah.  The trip was amazing and she didn't stop smiling the whole time!!!"  And trust me, if Savannah wore that smile the whole trip, her wish was definitely a magical thing to behold.

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