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Ashlyn's Dream Trip to Paris

“ This trip helped us realize that we can dream big and travel even with CF and all that comes with it. ”

- -Ashlyn's mom

When Ashlyn was born, she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. The first two years of Ashylyn’s life were very difficult as she and her family learned how to navigate through the multiple medications and treatments for her conditions.

Today, 14-year-old Ashlyn continues to fight hard each day against cystic fibrosis, but she hasn’t let it stand in the way of her dreams. Ashlyn dances competitively, practicing around 7 hours each week, to help her lungs be healthy and strong. 

Ashlyn has always been fascinated with Europe, the Eiffel tower, and French culture. Even as a young child she dreamed of going to “the city of love” and seeing the Eiffel Tower in person. When Ashlyn learned that her critical illness meant she qualified to have a wish granted, she immediately knew what to wish for: she wanted to travel to Paris and immerse herself in the French culture!

During her wish trip, Ashlyn enjoyed every second of visiting the fascinating city with her family. Ashlyn’s highlight of the trip was the moment she finally got to see the Eiffel Tower and to admire its breathtaking architecture in person. They went to the second level of the tower and gazed at the beautiful view. Other popular sights they visited were the Louvre Museum, Catacombs, Palace of Versailles, and the Arc de Triomphe! 

Ashlyn and her family filled their days with as much sight-seeing as they could and enjoyed every minute. Ashlyn loved visiting the Sacré-Cœur church and roaming around the picturesque village behind it, where it was filled with many artists painting. Wondering around the charming streets of Paris, going to quaint cafés, eating fresh macaroons and tasty French crêpes, and grabbing food at the Parisian restaurants were just a few memories Ashlyn created. Ashlyn even worked up the courage to try escargot; enough to try it twice! 

Ashlyn’s wish was eye-opening for her and her family. Her wish to see Paris marked the first time her family had traveled together internationally. Traveling with cystic fibrosis is very daunting because there is a great deal of equipment that needs to come with you. However, after this trip, her family realized that traveling with cystic fibrosis is possible and that they can embark on more adventures together in the future. 

“This trip helped us realize that we can dream big and travel even with CF and all that comes with it,”  explained Ashlyn’s mom.

 Grand rêve (dream big), Ashlyn! 

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