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Adam's Wish for a Caribbean Cruise

Wish Kid Adam Hero Image

“ He and his family still savor their sweet memories... ”

9-year-old wish kid Adam, who was diagnosed with spindle cell carcinoma, has many passions in life. These include eating teriyaki chicken, riding his bike, playing chess, pogo sticking, math, and, most of all, devouring delicious candy.

However, when it came time to make his wish, instead of wishing for a castle made of licorice, or a life-time supply of chocolate, Adam excitedly declared that he wanted to go on a Caribbean cruise.

It was an adventure right from the start.

Adam and his siblings were giddy with excitement as they boarded an airplane for the first time. As their flight landed four hours later, Adam caught his very first glimpse of the sparkling blue ocean, it was so big – just like the cruise ship on which they were special guests.

Adam and his siblings were in awe as they boarded the enormous vessel. There were so many things to do! Adam even got private flow-riding (indoor surfing) lessons. More than anything, though, what Adam remembers the most is the food.

“He couldn’t get over how amazing the buffet was,” His mother said, “he kept going back so he could try everything!”

It was any food fanatic’s dream. Tables were filled with savory and sweet dishes of every kind. Just trying to taste them all was a huge feat.

When Adam wasn’t at the buffet, he spent most of his time at the kids’ water park … where there was plenty of ice cream.

The cruise ship stopped at several lush islands. Adam and his family got to see exotic wildlife, interact with the locals and play on white, sandy beaches, where they had fun making sand castles of every shape and size.

His favorite island was one with a special candy shop that had all kinds of sweets and treats. He didn’t hesitate filling his suitcase with all sorts of confections to bring back to his friends (and of course, a stash for himself).

Though Adam and his family have returned home, he and his family still savor their sweet memories of the sunny Caribbean. They love talking about all the fun things they did on their cruise! If Adam ever needs a real memory booster, he can always eat one of his edible souvenirs. He is back to his sweet-toothed, happy-go-lucky life, and while his delicious trip may be over, the scrumptious adventures continue for our candy connoisseur. 

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Sherri & Darl Schumann

This is our grandson. THANK YOU Make-A-Wish for making this possible for Adam and his family. You have made the "bitter," so much "sweeter" to swallow. THANK YOU to everyone involved!

July 14, 2015 - 3:36 PM

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