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Skyler's wish for a game room

Sklyer is a strong cancer fighter

“ I get to see my son truly happy again! ”

- Skyler's mom

  • Skyler , 5

    • A.L.L. Leukemia
    • A Chuck E. Cheese's game room
  • To Have

Skyler finds out that he is going to receive $400 to spend at Game Stop.Five-year-old Skyler has A.L.L. Leukemia, and after so many hospital visits and doctor appointments, he was ready for a break. 

When Skyler came to Make-A-Wish® Utah to declare his wish, he talked about how much he loves to play video games. When he declared his wish, he said that he wanted to have a Chuck E. Cheese's game room. He loves going to Chuck E. Cheese's and because of his treatments and needing to be careful about exposure to germs, he was unable to go to his favorite game place.

After Skyler declared his wish, his wish granters got to work on making his dreams come true. Taking note of his love for video games, Skyler's wish granters provided him with $400 to spend at Game Stop. When he found out he was shocked and ecstatic (see photo above of Skyler learning about the gift card and watch his reaction).

Two days before his game room was revealed, Skyler went shopping at Game Stop and purchased 16 video games with his gift card. On the day of the big reveal, Skyler and his mom were not allowed to come to their house until 3 p.m. Skyler's mom said that he woke up early that day because he was so excited and was so anxious for 3 p.m. to come around that they finally had to leave the house and drive around to pass the time.

When they arrived at the house, Skyler made his way in to where the room was. The door was wrapped like a present and when he stepped inside, he was speechless. He walked around and looked at everything in his room, which was a lot, according to his mom.

Skyler's Chuck E. Cheese's game room was equipped with arcade-style video games that actually spit out tickets to be used at the ticket prize counter, also in the room. There was also a Wii and Xbox, a chair to recline and play games in, a pool table, a cotton candy, popcorn and snow cone maker, a booth to eat pizza in, an oven to cook the pizza in, an armoire full of board games and more. Skyler was so excited and his mom was trying to keep her tears of joy from spilling over.

After everything that Skyler has been through, his mom says that his moment of pure happiness is rewarding. Skyler now has a room of his own where he can retreat to play games and be a kid who loves video games. As he continues to fight his cancer, he has a place where he can take a break and make new, happy memories with his mom and family.


Wish granters: Mandi Peterson and Stephanie Duerden



  • Sklyer is a strong cancer fighter

  • Skyler finds out that he is going to receive $400 to spend at Game Stop.

  • A Chuck E. Cheese mascot shows up to help grant Skyler's wish

  • Chuck E. Cheese's mascots present Skyler his lifetime game room certificate.

  • Family picture with Chuck E. Cheese's mascots

  • Skyler and his family pose with Chuck E. Cheese's mascots

  • Picking out video games

  • Skyler's game selection

  • Skyler heads down to his game room

  • Skyler sees his game room for the first time

  • Skyler checks out his game room

  • Skyler's game room

  • Coke machine in Skyler's game room

  • Skyler's wish granters surprised him with an armoir full of board games.

  • Skyler tests out his game room chair.

  • Chuck e. Cheese's cake

Wow there is more stuff than I ever imagined in here. It is so cool mom!" ”

— Skyler

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