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Rhett's wish to go to LEGOLAND

  • Rhett and his sister pose in LEGOLAND

  • Rhett in LEGOLAND

  • Rhett in LEGOLAND

  • Rhett in LEGOLAND

“ As a mother it was very comforting to see your children being able to be normal running on the beach and jumping in the cold water and let us know that we can overcome this hurdle. ”

- Rhett's mom

  • Rhett , 7

    • T-cell non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
    • I wish to go to LEGOLAND
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Being a natural engineer, 7-year-old Rhett is a very gifted Lego builder. His love for LEGOs and Bionicles has driven him to build LEGOS with over 400 pieces, which he assembles without any outside help. Rhett’s mother says with his brilliant mind he will grow up to be an engineer. If you ask Rhett he will tell you he wants to be a motorcycle cop. Rhett was halfway through kindergarten when he was diagnosed with T-cell non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, “something no young child should ever have to go through,” said his mother.

Rhett came to A Wishing Place in Murray with his family to declare his wish. When the time came for Rhett to make his wish request, he had no hesitation announcing he wanted to go to LEGOLAND in California.

“No ifs, ands, or buts about it,” Rhett declared.

An optimistic happy boy who inspires those around him, Rhett’s wish to go to LEGOLAND was a magical opportunity to dive into his favorite hobby. Rhett and his sister were invited as VIPs to visit the Master Builder of Legoland’s LEGO masterpieces. Rhett and the Master builder got along quite well, each building a LEGO model of Rhett including the color of his hair and the clothes he was wearing. Rhett was able to place the replica of himself in the underground subway of the LEGO model of New York, making him forever a part of Legoland. After, Rhett was invited to see the main electrical room that powered all of the mechanical LEGOS in their “Miniland” park.

Legoand was a magical experience Rhett and his family will never forget.

“As a mother it was very comforting to see your children being able to be normal running on the beach and jumping in the cold water and let us know that we can overcome this hurdle, a year after such a scary time when Rhett was diagnosed with cancer and we didn’t know what the future would hold,” said Rhett’s mom.

Going to Legoland helped Rhett battle cancer, which is now in remission, by being able to be a normal kid with his sister and forget the pain of the treatment going to the doctor multiple times a week to be given injections. The experience he had was as much fun for the rest of the family as it was for Rhett. He and his sister are close, and the opportunity to go to Legoland with her brother was also special for her.

Rhett is so strong and humble after he lost two years of his life during his battle cancer.

“Rhett teaches people to make the best out of every situation they are given and stay positive, when it would have been so easy to feel sorry for oneself,” his mom said.

His example of bravery as he battled cancer is not over.

“He is still an example of bravery to others and shows that they can overcome their problems” says his mom.

“Rhett ran into another boy at a to Make-A-Wish® Utah Easter party who had the exact same type of Lymphoma, and Rhett was able to be an example and comfort that he too can overcome cancer.”

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