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Volunteer Roles

Volunteers help grant wishes in many ways and are matched to positions based on ability, interest, and position availability. Please consider your skills, goals, and motivation for volunteering when deciding which of these positions best suits your interests.

Wish Granter
Best suits volunteers over 21 years of age with creative energy

Meets with a wish child to discover, plan, and fulfill a wish. Wish granters work in teams of two and use resources wisely by seeking donated goods and services for each wish. Volunteers commit their time to make the wish as unique as each child and a lasting, memorable experience for each wish family. 

Wish Magician
Best suits volunteers with creative determination

Creates a framework of magic through planning, organizing, and implementing successful fundraiser events and fun family reunion activities. Wish magicians may work on event committees, take on committee leadership roles, or help out on the event day.

Wish Ambassadors
Best suits volunteers with public speaking/previous knowledge of the Foundation

Shares the magic of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® at a variety of functions.  We provide the information; wish ambassadors provide the passion to tell our story to social and professional groups, federal and state employee groups, and student groups, to name a few.


Gain insight into the real world with practical hands-on experience in the world of nonprofits.  We have internships available in several areas of Make-A-Wish® Utah.  For more information, please visit our Employment and Internships section.


To become a volunteer, or for more information on Wish Family events, contact our Volunteer Manager:

Jenny Hortin
Office: (801) 262-WISH (9474)
Direct: (801) 305-1975
Fax: (801) 262-1294
Make-A-Wish® Utah
771 East Winchester
Murray, UT 84107
(801) 262-9474
Toll Free Utah Only (800) 860-9474