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Tyler's cruise wish

Tyler, 6, I wish to go on a cruise.

“ He talked a mile a minute and spouted phrases like ‘Mickey Mouse,’ ‘pirates’ and ‘a big ship.’ He was thrilled and just kept saying everything was ‘great! ”

- Tyler's mom

  • Tyler , 6

    • Hydrocephalus, Cerebral Palsy
    • I wish to go on a cruise.
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When six-year-old Tyler was born, he only weighed one pound, 11 ounces. He had developed Hydrocephalus in his brain, which led to Cerebral Palsy and a seizure disorder. Since his birth, Tyler has had seven brain surgeries. He has been a fighter since the day he was born but has had to spend a lot of time in the hospital. When Tyler came to Make-A-Wish Utah, it made sense that he would want to get away for some fun.

An optimistic, fun, sweet and smiling boy, Tyler loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. His interest in the television show “Jake and the Neverland Pirates,” has inspired Tyler to want to be a pirate. When it came time to declare his wish, he wished to see Mickey Mouse on a big boat! Specifically from one particular show, he wanted to surf and spend time on the beach with Mickey.

When Tyler and his family were finally notified that his wish to go on a Disney Crusie would be coming true, they were ecstatic. It was such a relief.

“All of this just seems so unreal and magical,” his mom said. “Make-A-Wish has breathed a little breath into us.”

At Tyler’s farewell party, his wish granters got him an awesome pirate costume with a hook and a sword.

“He didn’t take it off for two days,” his mom revealed. “He talked a mile a minute and spouted phrases like ‘Mickey Mouse,’ ‘pirates’ and ‘a big ship.’ He was thrilled and just kept saying everything was ‘great!’”

Indeed it was “great” and their Disney Cruise Line® cruise proved to be truly extraordinary. Tyler endlessly enjoyed the aqueduct sliding tubes with his dad. As a family, they created racing carts made out of potatoes, carrots, and such, and yelled “Let loose the produce!” Tyler even decided to dance away at the Disney clubroom, and was actually awarded “Best Dancer” for the day. One evening, they dressed up and attended a cool Pirate Party up on the deck. The very last day, they spent time at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. Tyler finally got to try out his surf board! They swam for hours, but the most heartfelt moment was when Tyler returned to the ship, he got to spend time with Mickey all by himself. He even later received a Mickey Mouse gift signed, “Your Pal, Mickey Mouse.”

It was a spectacular trip.

“It made a world of difference,” His mother conveyed.  “He was in such awe.”

 She shared that several months after the experience, he had the biggest, scariest seizure where he was fully incapacitated, but he worked really hard, went through with therapy, and still remembered and talked about the trip with a smile. We wish Tyler and his family all the best and wish them hope, strength and joy in their lives.


Wish Granters – Lisa Jensen & Sheri Hanamaikai

Wish Sponsor – Monte Vista Elementary

  • Tyler's Wish

  • Tyler, 6, I wish to go on a cruise.

  • Tyler's Wish

  • Tyler's Wish

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